May 24, 2018

Who is Donald Trump and what is he “Saying”?

Since the moment Donald Trump came down the escalator it’s been incredible. That should have been the omen. Usually people ascend to power but Donald Trump came down. So who is Donald Trump and what is he “Saying”? The first time that most of us heard of Trump was from a TV reality show called The Apprentice. But he’d been around long before that. Back in the seventies Trump came on the scene as the New York millionaire playboy. And Trump loved to show it with beautiful women, cars, yachts, suits, jewelry, and more money than god! Well he said that. Trump was what every man from 9 to 92 dreamed of being. You could catch Trump partying at Studio 54 or hanging out with Hughe Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. He had it all! Well almost.


Trump met Ivana, she was outrageously beautiful and together they lived like royalty. Trump then started buying hotels, airplanes, football teams, casinos, and even built his own Tower in the middle of Manhattan. Three kids came along during these years, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. By now Trump was meeting with the likes of Presidents and real Royalty. He also met someone else, Marla. Let’s stop right here for a moment. So who is Donald Trump and what is he “saying”? Up to this time it seemed like Trump was the successful husband, father, and businessman who could do no wrong. But actually Trump had been sued by the US Department of Justice for racial discrimination in the seventies. Now he’s having an affair with Marla out in public. Well here comes the divorce and there goes the hotels and casinos. Throw in a few bankruptcies and Trump’s got to find some money somewhere.

Trump finally married Marla and two months later their daughter Tiffany was born. Trump spent the next few years wheeling and dealing with lawyers, banks, and creditors. He even made cameo appearances in movies like Home Alone 2. About the end of the 90s Trump was legally broke. At one point the banks controlled all of his assets and he could only stand by and watch. Marla was gone by then too. Trump dabbled with running for president in 2000 but quit after five months. He said his perfect running mate would have been Oprah. Imagine that! Eventually Trump caught as they say in Hollywood his “big break”. In 2004 Trump started hosting The Apprentice and continued for the next ten years boosting his notoriety once again. He got famous for saying “you’re fired”. Melonia, Trump’s current wife and him became engaged the same year of 2004. Trump had his groove back! Well maybe not, Trump filed another bankruptcy claim also in 2004 and this time it was $1.8 billion of debt. Two years later Baron was born.

When Obama decided to run for president, something happened on the way to the White House. So who is Donald Trump and what is he “saying”? Trump began questioning the citizenship of Obama. He questioned his religion, and even his birth certificate. At first people were thinking this was Trump just trying to get some publicity for a new TV show or a new book or something. But when Trump persisted with the claims some wondered why he kept on. Trump’s not prejudice, he let Michael perform at one of his casinos. Don King is always somewhere around him waving flags. And what about Omarosa? Trump’s not a racist! Soon the accusations that Obama was not born in the US began to spread and Trump was leading the charge. But Trump’s not racist! Right? Then people started looking a little closer at Trump. Let’s look too! Well he did pay $85,000 for full page ads demanding the death penalty for some minority teens accused of assaulting and raping a white woman. The boys did confess so Trump could be racist.  Right?  Those boys were coeherced.


Obama wins! Racism’s over, the first African American has been elected to the highest office in the world! The next year Trump files for bankruptcy for the sixth time. How does he keep getting out of this? Where does he keep getting money? All through Obama’s first term Trump continued to dispute his legitimacy. Those who agreed with Trump were called birthers. It’s pretty clear by then that Trump truly believed that Obama’s was a counterfeit presidency. Obama finally relented and released his birth certificate. Later at a White House Correspondents’ Association dinner Obama directed some very poignant jokes against Trump. Many believe that’s the night Trump, being completely humiliated decided to run again for president. Trump continued to publicly deny Obama’s right to be president. When Obama won Trump went onto Twitter and ranted about how the election was fake and called for a revolution.

Finally, Trump along with his Melonia reached the bottom of the escalator. Trump announced he was running for president. Although most of his life Trump had registered as a democrat but now he was going to be a republican. There were 17 republican candidates vying for the office of president. Trump vowed to get rid of Mexicans, Muslims, The Affordable Care Act, and to force Mexico to pay for a wall. Trump describes himself as “the least racist person you’ve ever met”. Trump, using no political correctness outlasted all the other republican candidates and won the nomination. Trump had one more opponent, Hillary. The gloves were off and Trump came out swinging. He accused Hillary of illegally destroying government e-mails. Several women came forward accusing Trump of sexual harassment which he denied. It seemed Trump insulted every category of humanity. He battled a Gold Star parent, a pow Senator, a Judge, a Civil Rights group, the Pope, the media, countries, women, etc., . Former Presidents, Generals, Judges, Governors, clergy, teachers all opposed Trump.

Leading up to election night all the polls predicted Hillary to decisively win. Trump hadn’t even written an acceptance speech. On election night Hillary won the popular vote but Trump won the electoral college. Trump won! What? Did something get missed? Who is Donald Trump and what is he “Saying”?


4 thoughts on “Who is Donald Trump and what is he “Saying”?

  1. Well, it is obvious that you are no Donald Trump fan. To be fair, neither was I in the beginning. I considered him to be THE most unlikely candidate imaginable. I was absolutely certain that Trump had ZERO shot at the Republican nomination. However, as the Republican field narrowed, it began to dawn on me that Trump was for real and that I probably ought to pay attention to his campaign and his policy positions. I didn’t agree with him on every point, but he made sense and offered a fresh change from the doom and gloom of the Obama years. That appealed to me.

    I already knew of Trump from his “Apprentice” days, but I did not know much else about him. I knew only a little of his bankruptcies and his marital woes. I knew he was a money man and had lots of it.

    So, with all this “baggage,” why did Trump win? I think it’s simple. After Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama, the public’s tolerance level for “baggage” had softened. Plus, the promise of a resurging economy was hard to ignore. Economically speaking, Trump’s policies could do nothing BUT re-energize our sagging economy and bring jobs back. While Obama claimed that there was little that could be done to get jobs back, Trump boldly claimed that it was not only possible but absolutely certain. It looks like he was right.

    So love him or hate him, Trump has done some remarkable things over the past year, and things are definitely improving. What is Trump saying? He’s saying that he wants to “Make America Great Again!” I say we need to let him do it!

  2. Donald Trump is the biggest clown to ever become president. Just look at who supports him: KKK, neo nazis, trailer park trash, fascists.

    The wall will be useless even if he builds it. Mexicans can just climb over it with a ladder or build a tunnel under it. What a joke.

  3. Personally I like Donald Trump, hes done a good job on reducing Americas debt, generating jobs, taking on the seedy side of Hollywood and making some interesting statements about a few people/industries.

    I don’t believe that he is racist at all, I mean his wife is foreign and I believe that he plays a character on TV that can sometimes seem racist but is really all about keeping the mass stereotypical Republican votes in his favour –
    I have met one of his sons and I thought he was cool, didn’t get a racist vibe at all and you know what they say – like father like son.

    But thanks for sharing this article it was a good read, but like I guess you can gather I’m a Trump man!

    1. Hey thanks so much for taking your time to look at my site.  And thanks so much for your comments.  My goal is to offer the opinion of people like you with people not like you to finally come up with some solutions.  You are a greater part of the solution than you may have ever believed.

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